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What is an IRA?

An Instructionally Related Activity (IRA) is an "out-of-class experience" that provides enrichment to students and enhances their learning at Cal Poly. Funding for all recognized IRAs is provided through student fees. All IRA programs/activities are partially sponsored by an academic dean or department and are "integrally related" to a formal instructional offering.

Requests for IRA recognition and funding are initiated through students and faculty advisors via the program/activity coordinators, who submit the proposals to the colleges. With advice from the College Student Councils, the deans review requests and make funding recommendations for the IRAs within their college. The IRA Advisory Committee reviews all requests for recognition of new IRA programs and the requests for University Interest IRA funding, and forwards their recomendations, along with the funding recommendations of the colleges, to the campus President for approval. 

Call for Proposals for 2014-15 Academic Year

Proposals are now being accepted for first-time and continuing IRA recognition


Deadlines to submit forms to your Dean's office:

  • New IRA proposals: February 7th, 2014
  • Continuing IRA proposals: March 14th, 2014


Forms - complete both the Recognition Request and Budget Proposal forms


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